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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Road Trip? Or Airplane?

I bet  you think I forgot you!  I didn't! I have been meaning to hop on here and tell you all the things that has happened in the last few weeks--we JUST returned from Bolivia Sunday--and I have been adding pictures and blogs since then--"HERE".

Click HERE.

This was the largest team we have taken--and soon, I hope we can be the "host" missionaries! for crusades, building churches and medical teams!  We are hoping and praying and dreaming too!

One of our grandsons asked us a few months ago if we were going to drive our camper to Bolivia--well, it's a little too far and the truck and camper wouldn't it's a plane ride.  What a road trip that would be though-right?

If you are interested in helping us on our mission journey, please pray about becoming a partner in ministry with us.  You can visit us at our ministry blog to stay up with what we're doing--and you can sign up to become a monthly prayer partner and/or monthly financial partner at our Assemblies of God Mission webpage,

Thank you in advance for whatever God leads you to do! 

Jeff and Angie Knight-Assemblies of God World Missionary Associates 
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Dresses for the Nations

A visit in the rain this morning with some amazing women left me in tears.  Full on- blubbering tears.  It happened before I ever got there-- I thought of all the little girls in Haiti, Bolivia, Argentina, Honduras, and I'm not sure where else, who have had the gift and blessing to wear a brand new little dress made by these dear hands.

These ladies buy fabric (or sometimes they are gifted beautiful fabric!), and buttons, and thread and even matching undies for these little girl dresses.  And they cut, iron, sew, label and pray over them.  One of the sweetest things said today by Mrs. Peggy was that "if the gift of these dresses doesn't lead to a conversation about Jesus then they aren't doing what we intend them to do."

Wow.  That is truly being intentional for Christ.  Every stitch--every seam, every button.  And they are adorable.  Tenille and I both think we would look "cute" in one.  (It's a wish anyway!)

These ladies have a heart for the nations.  For the children of the world.  They haven't been led to go on a mission trip overseas--but God has given them a job--and it started with a passion and desire of heart and blossomed into a wonderful group of women from East Side Baptist Church in Vernon, Florida.

I told Tenille, Mrs. Peggy and Mrs. Gloria today that Jeff shared their mission project and heart for missions almost everywhere we spoke.  The mission is just as important as going...these awesome ladies are sending.  They loaded me up today with blessings overflowing!  I will share all the goodies later--because we are leaving next week with these goodies and I want to keep the surprise intact!

There were two  ladies that I didn't get to meet today--but I have known and loved Tenille and her mom, Gloria for a long time--and met Peggy last year and felt such a kindred spirit.   They took on an additional challenge this year and knocked my socks off!  Mrs. Gloria--you have raised an amazing daughter--and I thank you for letting me claim her as one of my "many" adopted girls!

Thank you ladies...for loving the world and reaching out with the abilities and gifts God gave you!  Completely--wholeheartedly!

East Side Baptist Church in Vernon is one of more than 9 churches involved in this trip to Bolivia.  Individuals have "given" items, contributions, or people!  What a God we serve--and look at the people being The Church and working together! I LOVE IT!

If you are ever in Vernon, Florida, say a prayer as you go through for the wonderful ladies of East Side Baptist Church who are reaching around the world and dressing the little girls of the nations!

Some photos shared by Tenille Brock Fielding.
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Monday, March 28, 2016

Real Easter Eggs

I love Easter.

I love what Easter means--and often my reading is drawn to the accounts of Christ's journey from the Garden to Golgotha and beyond.  I watched pieces of several accounts of the story of Christ this weekend.  Some produced better than others--and the older the movie--the acting often left something to be desired...but the story was told...of HIS GREAT LOVE....

We've not had little ones in our home for several years--so I haven't colored any Easter eggs.  I made an Easter basket for a friend, but beyond that-- I only put out a few decorations.  We are "downsizing"...all that and more.

Jeff brought me a wonderful surprise Saturday night....REAL Easter eggs.  These in this basket I moved from the fridge, just for the picture.  They have not been colored by dye nor boiled...they are the real deal.  I love how God created a special breed of chicken to produce some amazing colored eggs!  Aren't they pretty?  I especially love the green dotted one.

I love Easter.  I cannot form words to describe the sacrifice of my Lord --when He left His home in heaven--so that I--YOU and me, would have an opportunity to choose our destiny... I'm left wordless.  Tears flow...but words do not.  

We are each as unique as this basket of eggs.  Different colors of skin--but all created and loved by Him.  And the inside?  All the same.  The only difference is--- Are we born again or not?  There's no partial born again.  Only fully committed.

Yesterday I read about obedience-- and how that will look when we stand before Christ.  We can be saved, yet not fully obedient.  If God asks you to do something--you can choose not to.  He doesn't cast you aside.  You are still saved....but just like you were disappointed when your children disobeyed--or didn't fully obey--God is disappointed.  And then the book of our lives will be opened and we all will give a full account of how we lived our lives.... 

I want to be the "real deal"- not dyed to make me look like the others.  I want to be the child who fully obeyed...fully committed, without wavering.  

Without remembering the cross--I would say it would be most difficult to do--but when I think of His sacrifice for me--for my life--a wretched--sinner--I am assured by His Word...He will be with us.  To the end.

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Thank you in advance for your prayers!  You have no idea how critical they are for us--daily.  Your prayers keep us going forward--they encourage us to reach higher--dream bigger and look forward to what God has ahead.

Please let us know how we can pray for you!  Connect with us on facebook!  Facebook can be a headache if we let it--but it is a great way to connect and for us to keep up with our family!  Which we LOVE to do!  It's like a family reunion without the calories?!

Quick reminder...when you are driving around...and you see this truck...don't forget to pray for us!

Disclaimer:  It's not our company--nor do we know anyone in the company--we just have the same last name--and a dear friend thought it would be a great reminder to pray for us as we get ready to leave for the mission field!

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mother's Missionary Offering

 I had wanted to keep you posted every-single-day while we have been on this journey of “mission orientation”….but again, I failed.

However, if you are our friend on Facebook, perhaps you did get in on some“frozen custard” and the walk through the museum at the Assemblies of God National Headquarters  ….that, my friend, was amazing.

If you don’t mind- I am going to “cheat” just a bit–this is what I posted on Facebook this week-
“While in one of the AmaZing session of training (brain overload), a vivid picture came back to me with such suddenness that my eyes leaked (they really leaked all day– a couple of us girls began to wonder why we even bothered with makeup)…

When I was a very young teenager–before so much rebellion set in like a stone, I remember getting so sick I could hardly stand up. Mother was at work, and it was summer time. Meaning, I was in charge of my two sisters and baby brother.  But with me sick, Wanda was now the “in charge” daughter.

I asked her to call our Mamo to pray. Now, Mamo, in our opinion — was CLOSE to God. Probably closer than anyone we knew. I mean “right up there” with Him daily.  

And truly it was “daily”….she and our Paw-Paw spent the beginning of every morning and the closing of every day on their knees (yes, knees) in prayer.

I remember vividly, even as I type, I can still hear their voices calling on God for their neighbors, their church, their family.  Always their family.

As Wanda dialed Mamo and Paw-Paw, I had confidence that she would pray. I lay in the bed with tears–in pain. I was rarely sick–so for me to even cry about it, I am sure frightened my sister, Wanda.

It seemed short minutes and I heard voices. Mamo’s voice talking to Wanda as they came down the hall. I didn’t mean for her to come to me–I knew that if she prayed right where she was–God would hear.  I guess that was a sign of my faith even back then…my faith in Mamo being able to get a prayer through to God.

Well–I suppose God told her to “go”.  She turned off her stove (middle of cooking their lunch) –pulled off her apron and out the door they went. I am absolutely positive that she prayed on the short 2 mile journey to our house.

When Mamo–walked in my room and laid her hand on my stomach–a warmth filled my body and I FELT the pain and nausea leave.  I soon slept.

You should know this was more than a healing. This was obedience…on her part. To leave “what she was doing”….and GO.

To leave “HER PLANS” for the day…and GO.

Well Friends,…. this is us.  Jeff and myself—leaving our plans to see our grand-kids grow and develop into godly men and young lady, and GO. Because HE, God, asked us to turn off our stove….lay aside our apron of busy lives–and don HIS. 

His apron of another type of service.  His servants to Bolivia.

And after last night’s amazing prayer service—I was so thankful –and grateful to be among well over 100 other individuals who heard the same Voice call, “turn off the stove”…and GO light a fire and turn on the stove somewhere else.

Friends, God is so good.  I look in the mirror and wonder why in the world He would ask us…Why?  At this point and at our age…. I don’t argue–I know He has His reason… and you know what?  I’m good with that.  I am thankful He asked…and proud to say “YES”.

Because I am hoping…and praying…and believing that by us going–perhaps one of our grandchildren–will one day want to say, “hey, if God can call my grandparents….maybe He will call me too”.2012-02-25 mother daughter retreat feb 2012 041

Something was said yesterday that I want to leave you with… I thought of my dear sweet mother.  We have, all our lives given to missions.  Mother too….but she will soon give her biggest offering yet.  Her oldest daughter.  Me.

And she gives it willingly–and readily.  Withholding nothing ….because she taught us obedience…by example.  And she still practices what she preaches.

I am glad to be my mother’s missionary offering.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Abraham's Famous Faith

“You’re going where?”   Abram’s friend leaned in to make sure he heard right.

“I said, I don’t know.  We are just going, my friend.”  Abram firmly, but quietly stated.  He had been getting this a lot. 

As they had been packing up their tent and all their belongings, loading camels and the many pack animals, friends had been stopping by, each one with the same question and the same incredulous look on their faces.

Abram swatted a fly from his face with his hand.  “The LORD GOD will show us.”  Again, that firm quiet to his voice spoke more than the words he said.  Abram’s friend muttered under his breath, patted him on the back and turned and left.

The heat that usually bore down on Abram, felt today, like a calming Presence.  Almost like a hand on his shoulder giving him comfort as one by one, each friend—who didn’t seem to understand his actions, turned away.

While the above is completely a made up conversation in my mind— it’s how we felt when we began making life changes –preparing for the mission God has ahead.  

Abraham, formerly known as Abram, has been a story that I have related to time and time again.  His faith in God--trusting Him--made him famous.  He didn't seek fame--He sought God.

I felt the excitement he must have felt the night he threw his head back and gazed at the endless curtain of blinking stars.  We have both experienced that look—or expression of incredulity from friends, and maybe even a family member or two—as we shared what we believe (not just feel), that God has called us to do.

This experience of our faith walk has been targeted at different parts of our lives—at various times in this season of life.  One by one, God has pointed His finger at things in our lives and said either “keep-or-give”.  Or, at least to me, that’s how it has felt.

Missionaries at the ages of 54 and 60 wasn’t what we had on our agenda 10 years ago.  Actually, it wasn’t even in my planner 3 years ago.

Mission work?  Yes.  Spending a month at a time on a specific project there? Yes.   But packing up everything that doesn’t get sold to live in a country where I can’t speak the language (yet)… Not quite. 

BUT GOD has a way of changing our hearts to YEARN for His will and His direction.  He has a way of changing our hearts desires the closer we get to Him. How did all this happen?   That will come later as I unfold this in the blog—but first I want to share something one of the missionaries has said this week as we have toured with our District Women’s Ministry Director, Rese Moore. 

I believe it was missionary, Whittney (I leave off her last name for her future safety), who said it best,
“God has called us ALL to goBut some—He has given you the assignment to stay”.  

Your assignment has come with a job He has called and directed you to.  And in that job, He expects you to be an onsite missionary. 

One who lives by example—and builds relationships (just like we will do) with those He puts in your path.   One who leads by conversation…. (Really makes you re-think the joke you told last week, huh…).

Your assignment comes with benefits of a dependable weekly salary—as long as you keep up your end of the bargain, your boss will keep up his. 

Our assignment comes with a question to our friends and family:  “Do you want to join our team?”  Meaning, “Do you want to help win the lost in these last days?  Do you want to help us show them JESUS?"  

It comes down to two things really:  Either we want to do all we can to share Jesus where they don’t know Him—in the unreached villages of this world—or we are completely satisfied with them not knowing and stand idly by as they leap off into eternity lost.


Our assignment right now is two years.  Do you think—for two years you could give up ONE Starbucks coffee a month?  Just one. What about 2? 

If 35 of our friends and family gave up Starbucks just ONE time each month—to take part in a soul reaching team—that would put us over half way to our budget goal.

What if—ONE time each month—you give up ONE dinner out of, say a Zaxby’s drive through meal.  Just for two people.  That’s close to $25 with large drinks and tax included—and maybe one milkshake to share as dessert.  JUST ONE TIME in a whole month—for two years

Give it up and maybe just cook a simple meal of rice and chicken and fry some cornbread.  That’s more of a meal than most anyone in a third world country will ever have in a day.  They may have the rice—but they likely won’t have any meat.

I don’t know if you have read down this far or got tired and turned it off—Maybe you are saying, well, Angie, exactly what are you and Jeff giving up? 12004798_1010144152369448_8716485255397596848_n


And every time I think of all the times I won’t get to drive to my mom’s house for a meal or a visit with them, or sit on a comfy couch in an air-conditioned living room and a drink coffee with my baby sister, and join her hand and pray for her family and my family, I will be honest.  I cry.

And every time I think of my two amazing daughters--and how MUCH I love spending time with them--and that will not happen for two years....I cry.PicMonkey CollageMY GIRLS 12002927_1010144605702736_2410717309729830897_n

And every time I think of our 6 grandsons and how sweet their sugar is, or our precious granddaughter who I won’t get to see turn into a godly young woman and graduate high school, I cry.
BUT THEN-- I think of all those children I have met—and those I’ve not yet metwho are waiting for someone to show them Jesus.  Waiting for someone to BE Jesus in their lives and love them no matter how poor they are.  No matter that they have nothing to offer us--we have MUCH to offer them.  Jesus.  And there they are, just waiting for someone to join our team—so that we can get there and introduce them to Jesus Christ.  God’s Only Son—who loved them so much that HE came and died so that they might have life.

We’re only asking for one thing—each month—for two years.

There are some who can afford to give more than ONE Starbucks "sacrifice" a month.....Only you and God know what He's asking of you.

After two years, if God continues our assignment—we will see what He asks you to do.  Or, God may have another assignment for us…OR, He may have another assignment for you.

This is the link to join our team—OR you can download a copy of the commitment form and send it in, our account number is 2853562, our Region is Latin American, and of course—you know our names, Jeff and Angie Knight.

We have discovered--some are waiting to be asked.  But there are those who just get so excited--they jump ahead and join, saying, "we want to be part of your team".  You have  no idea how that makes us feel!

12003348_1010144669036063_4198006051871256780_nYou know, I think God likes it best when we, as His children, come up to Him and say, "What would you have me to do Father?"  Go?  or Stay.  Stayers get to be senders.  What a GREAT opportunity.  To be a part of missions, both HERE and There.

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Brittney Hall Photography credited with "birthday photos".  Thank you Brittney!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Today, February 1st

It begins.  Not that it ever ended--but today is a day like Frederick Buechner described:

  “Joy is a mystery because it can happen anywhere, anytime, even under the most unpromising circumstances, even in the midst of suffering, with tears in its eyes....” ― Frederick Buechner
For the last eight years, I've found joy amidst sadness.  "The sad" tries to horn in on the joy in our daily giving of gratitude to God for His faithful love and ever Present Self.  Don't mistake this post or this month of beautiful February as a month to mourn.  It's not.  It IS a month to celebrate life, love, faith and sisters!

After my sister Wanda left for her eternal home, several realities hit.  I needed to live, as never before, to make a difference.  To impact another life for God, and  help someone lost find "Home".... "heaven".... to introduce them to Jesus Christ--my Savior... with every mission trip--and trip to Walmart--I  hope I do.  It's my goal.  But there are days--just like some recent ones--where the goal wasn't on my mind.  Instead the focus was -- "get in--get out--get home".  I bet you have days like that too.  It's okay--as long as you know at the end of that day, God is still real whether you felt His breath on your face or you felt alone.  And He still loves you and has a plan for your life.

Several weeks ago another friend left for her eternal Home.  She left behind a precious sister and dear brother and my heart wept for them and I prayed for them because I knew what the days might look like ahead for them.  For the sister, I knew there would be countless times she would pick up the phone to call her sister and tell her a funny, or to vent, or rant.... and to check on her.  And that every time she sees socks, she will think of her--Christmas or not.

We do that with purple.  Anything purple makes us remember Wanda.

Our sister Wanda loved the color.  It was the final dress she wore.  A beautiful shade of purple that was unlike any I had seen.  It was my favorite suit on her--that's why Aimee and I chose it.  Wanda looked regal in it.  Well, to us, she looked regal in everything!

After Wanda passed away, Aimee and I began celebrating purple--(and I can't remember exactly how it all came about) --but it started with a beautiful cake a friend made to celebrate Wanda's birthday and I had ordered about 2 dozen dark purple t-shirts.  "Sisters of Faith" with her favorite verse, Psalms 27:14.

We absolutely celebrate every day.  We wear something purple--even if it's just earrings!  And we enjoy the life God has blessed us with and we celebrate with joy--the fact that He gave us a precious sister like none other and we will have a blessed reunion one day in heaven.  It's a fact.

So, if you are blessed with a sister, or a dear friend that you feel is a sister--CELEBRATE her!

Celebrate your faith in God and the hope we have--and the love and life He's given!

Celebrate life!  Celebrate with purple!  :)

We will.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy Birthday Mother!

I think--probably 90% of the kids believe they have the "best" mother in the world...and I am one of that percentage.  We believe it pretty strong...we are certain.

I read something from a book a couple weeks ago--about a conversation that perhaps "God" may have had.  He hand picked some kids.  Some that had special needs...and chose the parents according to the gifts that He put inside them.  Their strength.  Their passion.  Their love.  I believe God hand picked my mother and chose "us" to be blessed by her strength--her passion and her deep love.  Her love for God is what has made each one of us who we are today.

When life handed her hard times, I won't say she didn't flinch--because as a mother and grandmother myself, I know that flinching often takes place--but we don't turn away from what's in front of us....she stepped up to the plate in the ballgame of life and took her best swing.  And hit the ball smack-dab in the middle.

When money was tight, cupboards were skimpy, love was not.  No one rode in on a white horse and rescued her--but she knew that her faith in God was firm, solid and secure--and He (God) never failed to supply our needs.

I think today about what kids are subjected to--what they are allowed to do--and how they respond to life and I can't help but wonder what it would be like for some of them if they grew up in our house.

Laundry every.single.Saturday taught us all responsibility.  You wear it--you wash it.  You wash it--you fold it and put it away.  Not next week.  Not in a minute when you finish that game--but now.  (When I was growing up, there were no games, only books.)  We won't even get started on the things different today versus how we grew don't have enough time to read all that!

I have been doing some internal reflecting--and I see where some of mine and Aimee's "thinking" comes from.  It comes from our mother and the foundation she laid early in our lives.  Even when things were so hard and I saw tears in her eyes--I saw a strong resolve that no one in our house would ever feel the rejection that happens all too often.  Her heart is always ready with generous portions of love, prayers, and the Truth that holds her foundation secure.  And if you stop by, chances are, you will get a sack full of produce from her garden if there is something in season...even if it's just garlic. :)

Mother, I pray that your birthday--even though your children are not gathered there today--is filled with love and knowledge that you have blessed the lives of 4 children that were gifts from God--and you did everything He assigned you --above and beyond your ability--because HE blessed you with ability beyond your imagination!  We love you so much!  I am grateful beyond words to call you "Mother".
Thank you for standing with me and Jeff in our journey to the mission field...thank you for praying for us diligently and for you and Grandbuddy "sending" us.  It is my greatest blessing to be your daughter.  I love you-- Happy Birthday.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How To Get From Here to There

How to get from here to there-
flying would be the way I'd go
but how exhausting, just so you know. 
How to get from here to there-
friends can help lead the way
and just how, they ask, will we stay? 
How to get from here to there-
help is needed, I'm sure you'll agree
God will direct hearts, we shall soon see.

The task ahead has loomed --mostly after the initial day of "excitement" that came with the news of our approval as missionaries to Bolivia!  

Can I just share my heart a minute?  I haven't done that in a while--and pardon the tears--for they just seem to happen when I mentally see those little faces-it's hard to explain.

If you could experience the anguish of the wait--the internal examination of  your life since you first became aware that you were "you" we have the past 11 months or so, since we first said "yes" to a God who sees all and knows every detail....

See, before the national office ever began asking their questions, the old enemy started his:

"who do you think you are?  Are you kidding?  At your age?  What ability do you think  you have?  Seriously?"  Over and over and over.  

Of course, then came the paperwork.  We won't even go there--because there is possibly a  "soon-to-be" called missionary reading this and I certainly don't want to scare  you away--trust me--if God has called you--there is NO other life choice for you.  Paperwork-schmaperwork.  Just do it.

If you could know the feelings that I get preparing for each trip- when the donations begin coming in for school supplies for those kids who will never have a chance at a brand new box of crayons without your help.  Or those little girls who we took dresses to this year--they would have never had the opportunity to have their very own "first time" brand new dress--without your help (East Side Baptist Church-Vernon, FL)--and it honestly leaves me speechless.  And to see the look in the mama's eyes putting it on  her little girl...oh friend, if you could know. You were here...but those dresses worked "there".

If you could know what it feels like to hug the body of a little girl who has never ran  or played like other girls, who gets made fun of because she had an old walker that had been sawed-off to suit her short build, but was still too wide.  If you could see the tears fall hot and fast from her older sisters eyes when we walk in their yard with a brand new child-sized walker with wheels and a seat, and they realized someone saw a need and had compassion.  They may not know the word--but they know the feeling.  And some friends from "here" went "there" by helping buy that walker.

If you could walk into the tiniest one-room-home of a little 13 year old girl and see her little baby--and her own baby doll still in the same one room dwelling and know that her life will never return to playing with dolls because now she has one of her own...and she has to be responsible....

If you could board that airplane coming back home and feel that tug in your heart that you are not finished with what you are supposed to do....if you could dream the dreams that I have had for the past 3 years and see the haunting and desperate faces of those who have not been introduced to Christ yet, and wake with a sweat and urgency that the job must be done quickly--for we are running out of time--and you would feel that to stand before a congregation is a fearsome thing to do because your greatest fear is that just may not "get-it" like it has grabbed your soul for the past 4 years of your life.

But...if by did grab you, and  you actually did experience all that I have for the past year to get prepared for what the "next phase" of your life is, you would be like me-- taking apart every piece of your life to accommodate the journey ahead.  Just when I think I've pared down enough, I feel a nudge from my heavenly Father..."more, Angie.  Remove more."

If you click on this link, it will take you to our page with AGWM.  From there you can choose to journey and partner with us.  You will not be required to leave your home, but you can invest in our journey and join us for the ride of a lifetime.  I have created this little guide below, but  really, you can choose whatever dollar amount will fit your budget.  Once we get to the field, we will be there for two years.  We hope that everyone who starts out this journey, will finish it well with us!  You can even just give a one time donation--which it is all tax deductible and you will be mailed a receipt each time you contribute.

I remember the first 4 missionaries we began supporting.  One of them I had never met.  But I strongly felt God lead me to begin supporting them.  We added more to our list over the course of the next couple of years and still support them all today.  We can't go to the countries they are in, some are in very sensitive countries, but by giving each month--we are joining them by helping them stay on the field.

Jeff and I have quite a way to go to get there--and we are hoping to get there soon.  Would you like to join us?  There is also a place to sign up to become prayer partners on our page and we hope that everyone will do that.  We really need prayer support.  I learned that in such a major way while we were there in October.  And please pray as we are calling and emailing pastors--we need open doors, ten minute windows, 5 minute windows--whatever is available we will gratefully accept.  God will do the rest.

We humbly thank you--with all that is within us--for the help you are able to give.   If you have any fundraising ideas--please contact either one of us on Facebook or by email--we will be grateful for anything! :)

May God bless you for your sacrifice and love toward us and what He is doing in our lives.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our Christmas WISH


Pick a star...any star...or make up your own. Whatever fits into your budget--we need  your prayer and support.  No amount is too small--ever.  God knows what we can all do--and when we can't "go"...we can send.  We are excited to begin this journey for the next 2 years.  Then--we'll be home and hopefully will get the opportunity to share IN PERSON with many of you what we saw--and what GOD did.  All the glory for our journey-- all the good we are able to do--ALL goes to HIM!

Click here to go straight to our mission giving page with AGWM.

OOPS!  The piktochart isn't working right for me- I'm still learning.  The map of Bolivia is missing :)  But--that's where we are headed.

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Monday, November 30, 2015


2016 is not yet here—but it is coming!  A year for HOPE.  I don't have my Christmas tree up yet....I will show you when I do, but my heart is already looking at 2016.  I know.  Stay in the present...but I find it hard sometimes.  I keep straining to peek into 2016.  

Before the New Year gets here, I wanted to share a little encouragement to those who may already have your blanket ready to pull over your head and hide for the next few weeks of seasonal festivities.  I have one too...although, I pull it out much less often.

In 2013, I spoke at a Covenant Hospice event these words:
           “Hope remembers the past, is aware of the present, but presses on toward the future.”

I was there to share an encouraging word to those who had suffered loss that year.  It was the Christmas season—a time when we who have lost someone, remembers the heartaches of losing.  More than losing a battle—or losing a game.  This loss bears heavy on each person for months and years.  Every anniversary we are reminded of the pain of loss.  But today, I want to remind us of the HOPE we have.  Let 2016 become a brand new start for each one. 

Hope remembers.  Hope can hear the past; the funny stories, the sweet songs, and Hope chooses that which is good.  Hope realizes the present and has a determined focus to help someone else each day and believes firmly that tomorrow holds new life….as we are in Christ Jesus.

Hope rejoices.  Psalms 146:5 “But joyful are those who have the God of Israel as their helper-whose hope is in the LORD their God.”

As odd as this may sound, when my sister, Wanda was leaving this life, my younger sister, Aimee began telling funny family stories.  We began to laugh.  It was just the immediate family—and we felt at ease in the Presence of God.  I even felt in my spirit that Wanda lingered a bit longer because she loved to laugh and loved a good “Aimee story”.

It’s okay to laugh—just as it’s okay to weep.  We need both.  It is a washing of the eyes and soul.  And we all need that bath.

Hope is resilient.  Hope resolves to continue on.  Hope anchored in Christ recovers readily from the winds and waves of life.  Hope pushes us forward, knowing “forward” is where healing and growth takes place, not with our heels and heart digging into the past dry dirt of yesterday.  There’s no nourishment in the past.

As we navigated through our first Christmas without Wanda, I felt like I walked around wearing my clothes wrong-side-out.  I felt turned around and upside down.  This was new.  I was not sure how I was supposed to transition through this season of life. 

The joy of the LORD truly became my strength.  I discovered that laughter is possible again—and love continues on.  Even after they’re gone.  And even with fresh tears, I can smile and rejoice at a new day coming!  

Yes, our futures do look different when they are gone—but Hope can take that seat at the table and we can feast on the joy of the LORD.  It takes time to see this—as that first year I didn’t feel that “Hope”, rather I felt the reminder of Loss.  Navigation is painful—and often difficult.  But when we allow the God of hope to guide our hearts and minds—it is possible.

We are approaching our 8th year of her home-going.  Memories still flood the heart—but Hope stands strong beside each one.  We remember all the blessings and we rejoice in God’s gift of life—and we become resilient as we keep our faith, trust and HOPE in Jesus Christ. 

After all, Hope is a choice.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015


Sounds better than the good hands of Allstate doesn't it....

When I least deserved protecting....He protected.  There may have have been days- when I didn't "feel" protected.  The days I felt I was taking such a severe onslaught of the enemy's attacks.... but then I remember Job.

And I was surrounded...and I knew He was also surrounding those I was praying for.

Are you in need of "surrounding" today?  He's there--just as His Word promises.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

But What Can I Do?

DSC_0278john316My husband often shares how he finally accepted the call to ministry.  For so long he ignored the Voice that kept speaking --tugging-- nudging his heart.

Finally one day in prayer, as a wrestling match was going on inside his heart, God spoke with the soft voice of the Holy Spirit and gave Jeff some great truths.  "I never called you to pastor a church, I just called you to follow Me".

Jeff's granddaddy had been a pastor of a Baptist church in a small community for over 30 years.  Jeff's younger brother is an associate pastor in a large church in a college town (same church for 30+ years).  Jeff had never felt drawn to either.  He's not a limelight kind of guy--he's a worker bee.  Loves to serve and do for others without being seen.  God can use that.

HOWEVER, just because someone loves to serve off stage, doesn't mean that they will remain there.  God has a purpose and plan that is being opened up daily as we continue to "follow Him".

 Jeff said, "yes" to God's call- and plan of action.  Ministry has many avenues--and there are so many ways and places to serve and be a light for Christ.  Missions has always been at the heart of what we think about-- Jeff's first trip was in 1994 and after that--it seemed God began to put it deeper in our spirits each year.

When missionaries would come to our church-it left me in tears--wanting to do all I could. We often think that unless we "go", we aren't doing what we can do.  NOTHING could be further than the truth!  There are things we can do from our own home!

Blogging is a big one--that's mission work!  You never know who will read--or when, but put the Truth of Christ and His love for others out there! Another one is "support a missionary".  Pray for a missionary!  Find out things they need and help fill their list.

As Jeff and I embark on this new road, we realize all the things we have done in the past for missionaries is JUST as important as going.  Helping one get there--is HUGE. 

One of my sweetest little friends had a birthday party this year.  Her 9th.  Instead of gifts--she wanted all her family and friends to bring her school she could give them to US for our mission trip.  Good grief I cried over that.  She thought that up on her own.  No one coerced her...or even suggested.  She is sensitive to the voice of The Holy Spirit and obeyed.

As we get older--it gets harder to listen and obey...why?  Because we think we need to insert our ideas and plans.  News Flash (to myself), God doesn't need help.  He will give detailed instructions when it calls for it.  There are times though that He expects us to use the ingenuity that He gives us...that's relying on the direction of The Holy Spirit.

 One of the ladies from our church--who is also my daughter's mother-in-law, made almost 500 salvation bracelets.  My son-in-law ordered business size cards with the colors and explanation of each color, the plan of salvation in Spanish.  Okay--sounds simple--but it was crucial to us sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  No one told either of them to do that.  They listened to the voice of The Holy Spirit--and obeyed.

Another friend came to me and said her church ladies makes little dresses in various sizes and wanted to know if we would take some with us for the little girls in Bolivia.  Absolutely.  It is the rarest of things for a little girl to get something brand new--RARE.  Especially those that live in the outlying villages.  Poverty dwells in abundance.  So they made 50 dresses and bought matching underwear and bagged and tagged each one--with a sweet card that let the little recipient know she is loved and cared for.  No one asked her to do that....They followed their hearts and did what they knew how to do.  Sew.

What can you do?  Have you ever thought about it?  Some think that unless I have $100 to give--that's not really enough.  Let me share with you what one missionary told me this last week:  "I would rather have 20 offerings of $5 from those who sacrificed to give than one $100 offering".

Mission work comes in all shapes and sizes.  Mission work is the day-to-day stuff.  

  • Encouragement to one who is downhearted.  
  • A cooked meal for the mom who is over-worked-over-stressed and on the edge.  
  • A pack of diapers to the mom of the 12 month old--because at that point people forget that it's still a need--and she gets very little rest.  
  • Mission work is offering to sit with the kids while the busy mom takes a walk to clear her head--and you straighten her kitchen while she's out.  
  • Mission work is praying --at all hours of the day or night--whenever that nudge comes. 
Simple mission work is often overlooked because we think it's got to be big and grandiose.  It just has to be from the heart.  Big or small.  That doesn't matter....just give from the heart.  Don't let the head rule.  The head will talk us out of doing--or going--or giving.  The head will convince us that we "can't"... or that it's too small to count or matter.... or "what will they think of me".... There we go...mission work work is not about "us"'s about them.

So.  What can I do?  More that what we are currently doing.   God will absolutely use the very things that YOU love to do!  If you love to sew--God will use it!  If you love to cook---OH HOW HE WILL USE IT!  If you love to give--He has missionaries all over that needs supporting.... and if you are willing to get in your "war room" and pray.... That, my friend, is one of the greatest ways we can serve as a missionary. I would love to hear of the ways that you enjoy serving!   There is so much to do--so many who have never heard of Jesus Christ--who don't know that He came to this earth as a baby, lived and died for our sins!  We have little time left--we must do all we can today.

We lead mission teams--and love sharing with others the blessings that come from going-doing and giving.  The more we do--the more we WANT to do.  And now, God has called us beyond the borders of our comfort zone--and no joke--it's a bit scary at times to consider all the mountains that loom in the distance--BUT God will supply our strength and resources as we continue to take steps of faith with Him.  I am totally human...and break out in a hot-flashin'-sweat just thinking about it at times--but really--there is NOTHING in the world I want to do other than follow Jesus wherever He leads.

Will you pray with us?  We would love to hear from you!  You can find out more about our ministry and trip details and how to contact us at  Thank you in advance for being our prayer warrior!  That's what YOU can do!  

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

I need to tell you something...

Whenever I hear those words, "I need to tell you something", my gut always lurches.  Always.  Usually--or when we had kids at home, it was followed by a confession of something that had gotten broken during some "rough-housing"...and yes, even daughters do that.  Or at least ours did.
It's 11:33 pm and I've been sitting on some news since last Friday.  So, a week ago we got a verbal answer to a prayer we had been praying for more than a year.  Actually, if you want to get real technical and nit-picky, we've probably had this on the altar of prayer for about 4 years.  Not sure what-when-how God would order our steps, we just knew (and know) He does.
In February of this year, we began the process to become missionaries to Bolivia.  Santa Cruz to be really specific.  The city and country that claimed our attention and heart after our first mission trip together.  We actually celebrated Jeff's birthday that first year there in 2011.  We told very few people.  We were secretly fearful that they would find all sorts of things wrong with us.  Our past.  Our lack of experience.  Our age....and when it all boiled down to it, our age did become a factor.
The first thing we did was make a prayerful decision.  Months of prayer--then one morning Jeff said it:  "We need to fill out the paperwork to become missionaries full time to Bolivia".  Wow.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  And that day-- was an AMAZING day.  I wish you could have seen the sky that day--why, it was the bluest it's ever been!  And the birds--well, they sang the best and the loudest that day!  Do you get the picture?  It was a spectacular--surreal feeling day.  Then the next day came.  And then the next...
After a few weeks of paperwork.  Buckets of tears.  (Maybe not quite buckets, but I was an emotional wreck for a few weeks.)  Anyway, the process began with the big WAIT.  Weeks went by.  We traveled to Bolivia in May for our 2015 Mission Trip with an incredible Crusade Team and the Focus Forward Team.  It was amazing.  God opened a new door and two new Schools!
We were thankful and saw and felt God move in our lives.
The summer came and brought lively camps.  Jeff spent every Tuesday sharing our heart for our new mission project with Focus Forward Ministries sharing about The Genesis Project.  The BIG WAIT continued.  Still no word.
Finally a letter arrived.  Not quite what we had hoped.  Actually, it was nothing like what we had prayed for nor expected.  We felt sort of shuffled.  Aside.
Tears.  Prayers.  More tears.  And finally, I settled it in my heart when I handed all my dreams and plans over to God.  Jeff pretty much said the same thing.  God had been working in each of us--and we were having the same feelings in much the same direction.  We were going to wait on God no matter what He said or no matter how long it took.  We knew He had a plan--and it was HIS plan--not ours that we wanted to see fulfilled in our lives.
Later in the summer we began to prepare for our ordination exam.  Nerve wracking to say the least.  It was like, "let's just add a bit more stress and anxiety to the mix!".
I remember being outside one day--I can't remember what I was doing--but I felt a "stir".  It was one I had felt before.  It was like "something is coming"-- I felt a definite change in the air.  Maybe that "something" was news.  News.  Maybe it was changes in our lives.  It actually was both.
Our District Superintendent and his wife, who is also one of our oldest and dearest friends came to our house last Friday night with the "news".  He played a recorded voice mail (which I recorded for future encouragement--who knew I would need it even this week!) of our "approval" to be missionaries to Santa Cruz Bolivia!  Under the supervision of a great missionary couple that we had the privilege of working with THIS YEAR!  God planned all that out in advance!
This is really skimming the surface of the news....but I needed to tell you.... After all, so many of you have been praying for us... and when things looked the bleakest--- God was working on our behalf.
Some have asked--how long? When will you go?  Well, first things first: Raise our budget.  Raise our monthly support.  Two separate things, but two necessary things.  We don't know how much yet that we have to raise, but we have much to do!  We were told we could begin itinerating immediately!   With that, I contacted one of the pastors who had sent a young couple with us to Bolivia this year to share our news--as they had been praying with us as well--and they said immediately, "sign us up!"  Well, of course they will have to do that when we get our number, but honestly, what a shot in the arm that was for me!  After all the months of waiting and all the stress and anxiety, I felt the Lord nudge me and say, "See Baby?"  I have been taking care of this all along....I just wanted you to trust Me".  (If you've not read some of my old blogs, you wouldn't know that when Jesus is being tender with me, He calls me Baby".)
Just in case someone out there in "la-la-Blog-land" thinks that life in ministry is a cake walk--let me sit your sweet self down and assure you, nothing is further from the truth.
Life in ministry is, ahem, well, to be quite frank, it can be hellish at times.  I mean, you aren't exactly grooming the lawn of heaven.  You are storming the gates of hell and trying to save those through your messages, preaching, teaching, blogging, loving and sharing Christ with the lost... You are pointing "souls to Calvary' as the song says.  And no one wants you to fail more than the devil himself.  With every sinner set free he's lost another battle.  That infuriates him to no end.  BUT to think, that someone would be willing to step out in ministry--to pastor a church, teach a Sunday School Class, lead a choir, or travel across the ocean to minister to a people that has no clue that they can have a real relationship with a God they've never heard of?  That's the last straw for him.  He pulls no punches.  He hits hard and fast and seemingly continual on some days.
BUT, I also want to tell you that life in ministry is unlike any other.  The blessings of seeing one that you've been praying for come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, well, no words can describe that.  Or seeing that complete stranger seek God...or those little kids clutch their Bible as if it's Life itself... and it is.  To hold the hand of a friend as she leaves this life, knowing her next step and next breath will be made in the presence of her King...oh, friend.  There is pain mingled with the joy--but the joy surpasses it all.
In 2010 I heard distinctly God call me to walk closer to Him.  He had in fact, been calling me closer for about 3 years...then a strong pull during the last 2 months of 2009, then WHAM!.  The day came and it was so loud in my spirit and heart that I felt surely someone else heard it too.  But no.  It was just for me.  It was undeniable.  I even felt like the Marine Corp road signs at that point were all for me.
Ours has been a journey of stages.  God has lead us along--and there have been days filled with SUCH joy, it is hard to put into words...and some filled with heartache.  BUT, through all of this, God has shown Himself faithful and true.  JUST as the Bible says.  Faithful and True.  Revelation 19:11
Can I ask you to pray for us?  We've so much to do--and I feel the urgency of the hour upon us.  We are almost out of time--and there are lives yet to be given a chance to know Him...we want to share Him with them.  We can't get there without support and prayers.  PLEASE PRAY.  That's most valuable right now.
There's more to share--but now that I've finally gotten that off my chest and mind--I think I can sleep.....
Connect with us on Facebook if you don't already.  We would love to hear from you!

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Watch Your Mouth

How many times have you heard that?  Said it?

I can't even begin to remember how many--but I am certain I've been told that as much as I've said it.  Generally it starts when our mouths begin to get sassy.

Oh, it doesn't happen by itself.   Our mouths really don't have a mind of their operates solely upon what is generated from the brain.  And unless you are looking in a can't really "watch your mouth".  But then, that wasn't the point anyway.

This summer I have had the privilege of loving and caring for some of our grand children.  In most cases, they were mini-versions of their parents.  Not just their moms.  I saw versions of their dads as well--and I saw the reflection of what they have consumed from life.  When they prayed--oh how sweet!

They are fun-neat-hilarious-and at times right on target with the surprising things they say.  We've had a blast.  One thing I have said a time or two-- "watch your mouth".

Kids pick up words from other kids.  I know mine did.  I know I did.  They don't use the vocabulary of their parents most of the time, it's their peers.

I wonder at the end each day, how many times The LORD has looked at me and wanted to scream, Angie! Watch your mouth!  Instead, The Holy Spirit nudged me...and it was my choice to listen and cease--or keep right on with my opinion--vocalizing it to the hilltops.

I've heard it said --can't remember where I read it--so it's not my quote, "you can't unsay words."

Good grief--how true that is!

I've had my feelings hurt...I've gotten mad....been sad....with a full conversation--all in my head,  and as long as it stays there until I've listened fully to what God has to say on the matter, I'm okay.  But the instant I let words flail and fly out of my lips without so much as a "test run" with The LORD, I'm in big trouble.  Generally people get hurt.  The hearer as well as the speaker.  (Remember "do unto others as you would have them do unto you?")

I have said things I've had to go back and apologize for.  I've said "I'm sorry", more times than Carter's got liver pills.  But that's okay.  The instant we think we don't need to say I'm sorry, or that it shouldn't be us saying the I'm sorry--then we are in a bad way.  Spiritually speaking--as well as emotionally and futuristically speaking.  (I think I made up another word!)

Tonight--as one grandson has played a game--I have said several times to him, watch your mouth.  Meaning, he has used a silly word that has one meaning to him (he got from his friends), but it has another meaning in the dictionary.

As hurtful things have flown through social media, and from conversations of people, I have to remind myself, watch  your mouth.  I need to keep my opinion to myself.  And an opinion cannot be based on one side of any story.  The seeds you sow in words will root out and spoil good words sown in the past.  Rash and sudden decisions based on immediate feelings will often do more harm in the long run.

I remembered a "rash" decision I made about 20 something years ago, that I made out of hurt feelings.  Not taking time to rationalize, or see another persons view point--only mine.  It was solely from my perspective that I based my decision--and even claimed to have prayed about it.  Well, funny thing was, I did pray.  I "told God" what He already knew.  However, I didn't wait to see what He had to say.  Instead, I did what soothed my hurt feelings.

I have learned along this almost 54 year journey, that God wastes nothing.  Not even poor decisions, or big mistakes.  He uses every-single thing on our journey.  Teaching, training, molding and making us into what He purposed for our lives.  Sometimes, like Moses, it's a wandering in a desert.  Even as long as 20 something years.

We assume (incorrectly) that surely "this" must have needed to take place in order to get me to this point in life.  Are you kidding me?  He is GOD after all.  He can change our address in a breath.  Just ask Philip (Acts 8:39-40).

This life on earth is temporary.  We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience--and what we do here--affects our eternal.  Make it count.  (I am speaking to myself as well.)  Don't let words that need to be said, go unsaid.  Words like, "I love you".  "I'm sorry".

If you are a parent especially listen to my voice of experience.... always end the night with your child in "I love you".... It doesn't matter how hurt or angry you may be with them.  And get their side of the story--don't just believe what you were told.  YES, I know they may lie....but listen to the WHOLE story first.  NOT just one side.

These little guys that have been here this summer--have been fun.  I've listened to two sides to many verbal tussles.  When I wanted to holler at one for being hurtful to the other--waiting paid off.  Oh how I do love these little guys.  I love being a mom, and love even more being a grandmother.  It does keep me on my toes.

Maybe they learned something this week.  Maybe they learned to watch their mouth.  Not looking in a mirror...but guarding what they say--making sure good things come from their heart and lips.  Teaching kids to guard their heart- their mouths and minds is more important now than ever before.  They experience far more of the world by the age of 10 than I had experienced at 15.

While we are teaching...we should also be remembering it for ourselves... Watch our mouth.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Know

Most of our readers/friends know that our oldest grandson has autism--and he sticks with a particular phrase or two when you tell him something.  Currently, the favored one is "I know".  "I know Nana, or I know Papa".

I tell him, "I love you Rylan", and he responds with, "I know".  When I say, "You're so smart Rylan", he says, "I know".  Now he's not bragging, he's simply stating a fact.  He knows we love him.  And-- he is smart.  When he stayed with us a couple of weeks ago, I heard that phrase many times --and I told him better responses for some statements --like when I said, "Rylan you are so handsome"...and he said, "I know".... *grin*.  I told him it's best to say "thank you".

This morning while I was driving to Dothan, thinking about our lives and the questions that hang in the air--this verse came to my mind:  "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

This morning those two words rolled over and over all by themselves.  "I know".  I realized something--maybe for the first time, "if I know He knows...then I don't have to know."  And I know He knows.  He said so in the Bible.  Often.

There are some things we know, and some things we don't know.  But I'm no longer fretting over what we don't know.  It all belongs to Him...and I trust Him completely.

I know  He has opened doors that amazed us in the past year.  More doors opened this mission trip than we imagined!  Focus Forward Ministries has launched a new project--and you will want to know about it!

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