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Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is a sticky post and will remain at the top until the drawing...

Several years ago I met an author. Max Lucado. No, I didn't shake his hand...and I really didn't meet him face to face...but I met him through the pages of his books.
(Much like we---bloggity buddies---meet and fellowship with one another.)

I do not have him on a pedestal . . . that is wrong to do. But I have found great comfort and reality in the words he writes. He writes with such clarity...that even I can understand. I have found great joy in giving. So, I want to share some Easter joy with someone. I will be having a give-away on Monday, March 24.
All three hardback books will go to someone....special! Maybe it is you!

Simply leave me a comment that you would like to be entered, and post about the give-away...and enter you I will! Also, on the Sisters of Faith blog, my sister, Aimee, and I are having a T-Shirt give-away! Time is running out on that one! So hope over there...and enter that one too! Wouldn't it be a hoot if you won both give-aways?

Have a blessed day!

Update...Entries have closed! Thank you all for participating....check back this afternoon for the winner! (Name will be up by 3:00 p.m. CST) The T-Shirt winner on Sisters of Faith was "Darnelle"! Congratulations Darnelle!




I would love to win these books by Max Lucado. I don't have any of them but I know he is a good author. I have read some of his books and bought my grandsons some of his children's books as well.

Please enter me in the draw.



heck yeah!!! enter me!!!!
I love the MAX man...sounds like I know him, huh??? I don't, my favorite of all time is "The Great House of God..." I've read it over and over...made me look at the Lord's Prayer in an amazing way....

oh well girlfriend...I'll be back later!!! and I'll post about it....
(give me a little time...gotta run the girls to dance!!)
love you!!

Mary Lou

He is such a man of God and writes so well. Please enter me in the drawing. i love to read and I believe these would speak to me at the place I am in my life right now. Thank you. Mary Lou at dlowran1(at)comcast(dot)net


What a fantastic book giveaway. I do not own or haven't read these books. Max Lucado is a wonderful writer!
Please enter me in your drawing.
Thanks very much.....Cindi


Oh Yeah! Please enter me! I not only read Max's books, I re-read them! Love it, love it, love it!

Thank you Angie! Have a great day!

love ya,


Woo...I'd LOVE these books too!!!

Please enter me into your amazing drawing my friend!!!




Please enter my friend, Deborah. She is in need of these books. I will mail them to her in Seattle. Thank you for offering this opportunity. Love you girl. Lynn


How fun. I don't believe I have read any of these books. I have read some of Max Lucado's books though and I have enjoyed them.


I've read some of his books, but not these! Thanks for the invite!



Enter me too, please! I've enjoyed several of his books! Thank you for inviting me to join the party :-)


Hi, Angie! Thanks for letting me in on the awesome giveaway. I actually really like Max Lucado, but don't have any of these books, & I have not gotten to read them, so I would really love to win!


thank you, angie, for the invite. i'd love to join and win these books.


I am a fan of Max as well and can't believe that I have not read these three books yet. It must mean I am meant to win! :o)
Thank you for the generous giveaway.

Laurel Wreath

Wow wonderful selection...enter me purty please =)


Found you via Kim at Season's of My Heart. I'd love to join in the giveaway.

Have a blessed day!


Count me in, I just did a post using something from one of his books. I love Max. And I did get to meet him "in person" once!



Max Lucado has such a way with words. He is a "friend" of mine too :)

Anne F.

Oh I have read a few of his books but not these three. Please enter me in your give away. Thanks and God bless.

The Preacher's Wife

Count me in!! I love Max but haven't read any of these books...



I love Max, please enter me in your give away :)


Finally I can say - "Enter me pretty Pleast"...I posted a link from my blog this morning :)

I always enjoy Max Lucado's writings. He always shares His Word in a form that even gets through to me.

Blessings on your Tuesday, my sweet friend.


Please enter me. I love Max Lucado's writing and would love to own one of these books. Thank you.


Please enter me in the drawing for these wonderful books. I have been wanting to read "No Wonder they call Him Savior" for a while now. Thank for offering them in you give-away. Take care and God bless, Cory


I have seen his books but never read them. Please enter me. Sounds interesting, love to read. Thanks.


I would LOVE to win these books! I've never read them before. I have several of his children's books and our family LOVES them!

Pick me!


I found you via Laced With Grace....via Connie. I loved what you wrote on Laced With Grace. I remember that song well, myself. In fact I remember many songs from my childhood in Vacation Bible School.

I would also like to be entered into the drawing.
I have read several of Max Lucado's books.

Thanks for sharing your heart.


One of the first books I ever read as a brand new Christian was one of his. He is a very gifted author.

Thank you for entering me in your giveaway!


I just posted a passage from No Wonder They Call Him a Saviour on my blog then found your blog from Sting My Heart! How neat. I would love to win a book. He's such an awesome author.


What a great set of books to giveaway! To whom-ever is blessed to win these books, Max Lucado is a very inspirational writer and I love how he knows how to keep us looking up to God and praising Him! Very inspiring.

I made sure to add a post to my site so hopefully others can participate. God bless you for a giving heart to share these books with others!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God

I love Max Lucado..

as a matter of fact, I just bought one.. I walked one of my patients to salvation yesterday so I bought him a book and a card... He can't get out of the house and I wanted him to read one..
next week he is being our Chaplain...

Uniquely Yours

I've never read any of his books. I'd like a chance to read them.


I'd love to win these books!

taradawnrobertson at hotmail dot com


Hi Angie-

I linked over from your comment on Michelle's blog.

So glad I came as your blog is great. I love that you are so connected with CWO and also that you have an affection for Max Lucado.

I too love Max and would love to be entered in your drawing.

God Bless-

Abi B.

Oh, I'd love to win this book bundle. Count me in. I posted it on my blog @


I'd love to be entered also. I'll have the post up in the morning! What a gracious host you are! May God multiply the seeds you are sewing into His kingdom.


J. Castleberry

Hey Angie, Please sign me up! Jennifer C.


Angie- you asked if you could use an award that was listed on the side of my page...

I think the blog-award rules state that once you "receive" an award... it is yours to do with as you please.

Better stop on by and pick yours up... :0)



*Jumping*Hands waving*

Count me in! I love to have a copy of these books.




I agree, Max Lucado is a wonderful author and I would be so blessed to win his books. So please sign me up!

Lisa Sharp

My husband loves his books! I would love to win these for him.


I love Max Lucado's books. I've actually read Six Hours One Friday but would be happy to pass that one to someone else in order to enjoy the other two that I haven't read!

Thanks for your generous giveaway and the opportunity to win these great books!


I have been reading his books for a long time now...... soooooo yes please enter my name.....


Please consider me for your giveaway. What thoughtfulness! Our women's fellowship just completed 'Cure for the Common Life' study. Your offer is certainly not 'common', nor Lucado 'common' reading. Bless you.


Please enter me! I love reading books written by Max Lucado. They are just so easy to read and so real. Seems like they always tell me just what I need to hear.


I love Max Lucado. Sign me up!

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